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Activities: 2014-15

Faculty Profile

S. No.
Name of the Lecturer
Teaching Experience
M. Triveni
G. Little Flower
M. Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D.
P. Padma Latha
M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.
T. Grace Eunice
M.Sc., M.Phil.
R. Sara Kumari
M.Sc., B.Ed.,
Shagufta Fatima
M.Sc., M.Phil.
Santhi Sri Sudha
Gulzare Fathema

Activities of the department during the year 2014-2015
1.      Summer Internship
The departments of Physics and Electronics added a new feature to their regular departmental activities and sent nine of their students four from I B.Sc (MPCs), one from II B.Sc (MPCs), two from II B.Sc (MECs) and one from I B.Sc (MECs) for an internship programme of six weeks duration from April 15th 2014 to May 31st 2014 at Efftronics Systems Pvt.Ltd, Vijayawada. Two students were trained and imparted skills in “Testing, analyze equipment as quality inspection of raw material”. Two students were trained in “Components mounting, soldering, desoldering of electronic assemblies”. Three students were trained in “Testing, analyze equipment, circuit disturbances and eliminate faults as quality inspection of a finished product”. Two students were trained in “Testing, analyze equipment, circuit disturbances and eliminate faults in signaling systems”. Dr.G.Little Flower and Miss. Hannah Anuhya coordinated this programme.

2.               A Four day workshop on “The integration of Programming Skills and an orientation programme about MEAN STACK”
The departments of Physics, Electronics, and Computer Science in collaboration with SSIT, Patamata, organized a four day workshop from 11.8.14 to 14.8. 14 to impart training in sharpening programming skills in C, Java, VB.Net, C#.NET as a foundation to start a diploma course in “MEAN STACK”. Mr. S. Ram Babu (M.Tech) along with his team members Ms. K.Haritha (M.Tech), Mr. K. Mahesh (M.Tech.) and Ms K. Lalitha (M.Tech.) conducted the training programme for III B.Sc. (MPCs, MECs, MSCs). The students were trained to write a program in all the above four languages and helped them to realize the importance of each language. This programme provided hands on experience in programming in all the four languages simultaneously. Mr. Rambabu introduced the latest course on “MEAN STACK” on the last day which aims to develop Web Applications through smart phones by using reduction of coding. This course is the latest technology course and has a lot of job potential. Thirty interested students are selected   and are doing a diploma course of three month duration. Two faculty members Mrs. P. Padma Sree and Ms. SK. Asha are also undergoing this training along with students and are in charge of this diploma course.

Mr. Rambabu introducing the latest course on “MEAN STACK”

1.      Diploma Course on “MEAN STACK” -2014-2015
            Maris Stella College along with its regular programmes offers a diploma course on “MEAN STACK” which has high job potential. “MEAN STACK” is an acronym for M – mango dB, E – express JS, A – angular JS, N – Node JS. This course will enhance logical thinking and helps students to replace lengthy programs with smart simple programs. This course is a unique course and first of its kind initiative in Andhra Pradesh as far as our knowledge is concerned. This course is being offered in collaboration with Sri Sai Institute of Information Technology (SSIT), Patamata, Vijayawada. Mr. M. RamBabu (M.Tech) is the director and trainer of the course. He is a veteran in IT training and has more than 22 years of training and mentoring experience on latest tools and technology in the computer field. He had already trained more than 50,000 students who are globally employed in reputed firms. This course started on 01-09-2014 and will run till March 2015. Students will attend this training after their regular classes from 3:30 to 7:00 p.m.

  Ø  To impart training in sharpening programming skills in the languages C, C++, Java, Dot.Net, JSP ,       C#.Net, J# , HTML, DHTML etc.
  Ø  To train students in designing responsive websites through the knowledge of “MEAN STACK”.

·         To revive the knowledge in all basic computer languages.
·         To handle live projects and execute them with “MEAN STACK” knowledge.
·         To equip students with latest industrial need job potential skills.
Learning Outcomes:
*      Students will be able to realize the significance of each language through this training.
*      Students will be able to replace the lengthy programs using other languages by simple smart and  short programs through “MEAN STACK” knowledge.
*      Students will be able to design responsive websites based on industrial requirement.
*      Students will get supplemented with job potential training in addition to their B.Sc course.
*      Students will find better employment with good salary package.

4. Workshop on MOODLE

The departments of Electronics, Physics and Computer Science organized a one day workshop on “Effective Usage of MOODLE in Teaching and Learning” for all science faculty members on 16/08/2014.A team from V.R.Siddhartha Engineering College, Kanuru, headed by Dr. A. Koteswara Rao, Dean of Academics, along with Dr.Suneetha, HOD, Department of IT and Mr. Nanda Kishore, M.Tech. conducted the workshop. Two lectures about the effectiveness of MOODLE in higher education followed by a short training programme in uploading teaching  materials through MOODLE was given. The team assured their help for the implementation of MOODLE programme in regular teaching.

  Dr. A. Koteswara Rao, Dean of Academics, V.R.Siddhartha Engineering College, Kanuru

 Mr. Nanda Kishore, M.Tech., V.R.Siddhartha Engineering College, Kanuru

 Dr.Suneetha, HOD, Department of IT, V.R.Siddhartha Engineering College, Kanuru

Faculty training Programme

5.      Industrial visit
Mrs.M.Triveni and Mrs.R.Sara Kumari took III B.Sc MPC and IIIMPCs students to Prathap Industries, Ennekepadu, Vijayawada on 5.11.2014. Students were given hands on experience with industrial applications using ultrasonic techniques. This visit was arranged as part of elective Course on “Science and Technology of Ultrasonics”

6. Inauguration of  SCIENCE INSPIRE CLUB:
The departments of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer Science and Statistics inaugurated the SCIENCE INSPIRE CLUB on 6th November,2014.The Chief Guest Prof.M.Sarath Babu,Dept.of Chemistry,MIC Engineering College stressed on students involvement in various activities that nurture the nation. He shared his expertise on few topics like food adulteration, role of fluoride in drinking water, acid content of cool drinks, water quality assessment, environment pollution, environmental disasters, care with beauty products etc. 

7.      Managerial Skill Development Programme as part of Career Guidance

As another new initiative in tapping the potential of our Alumina, Department of Physics in collaboration with Career guidance cell introduced a training on ‘managerial skill development programme’ in the campus. Mrs K. Sandhya one of our old student (2000 year batch) currently settled in USA is a trainer of this progrmme. She had worked as a senior manager in Fortune 100 companies and has developed efficient strategies for successful project delivery and has been recognized as a key player in high impact projects adopted in multiple companies and currently working as Delivery Manager, Citibank, Dallas, TX75063. She has given her consent in training our final year students on various topics related managerial skill development through video conference during fourth week of every month on Saturday from 10 to 11 a.m according to Indian time. She also assured that she would get eminent people from the industry and society and make them to interact with our students through video conference. We had the first video conference session on 15-11-2014 on the topic “Life Skills”. Nearly 50 final year students attended and interacted with her.

7.               Interaction on Quality in higher education in India

Twenty five students  of Maris Stella college from various disciplines participated in an interaction on “Quality in higher education in India” organized by Physics and English departments on 17.11.2014.

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