Thursday, August 3, 2017

Activities: 2013-14

Ø  Inauguration of certificate course / guest lecture
Physics department of Maris Stella College started a certificate course on solid state lighting, on Wednesday 3-7-13.  Sri K. Bala Krishna, Vice President Efftronics a system, Pvt Ltd was invited to give a guest lecture on “Energy Efficient Lighting”. In his lecture he emphasized the importance of Solid state light in the present technical world. He compared LED sources with other sources of light and explained the optical parameters and applications of LED. Besides that, he explained about the job opportunities in that field.

            Mrs. Kasturi, HOD Physics, in her addressing told that this certificate course has been successful for the past two years with the co-operation of Efftronics systems, Pvt Ltd. She informed that this year the Department is going to offer the same certificate course from July 3, 2013. This course is offered to  the college students. Lecturers of Department Mrs. Triveni, Dr. Mrs.G. Little Flower, Mrs.Padma Latha, Mrs. T. Grace Eunice, Mrs. P. Hima Bindu participated in the event. 

Sri K. Bala Krishna, Vice President Efftronics a system, Pvt Ltd 

visit to Gora Science Centre
Ø  Mrs.M.Triveni and Mrs.P.Padma Latha accompanied Final year  B.Sc students for a visit to Gora Science Centre  on 25th July 2013.

Student Activites:

Students of III  B.Sc (M.P.C) and III B.Sc (M.P.CS) students attended a talk on career guidance by Mr.   Anil Stevens, Director, Synergyskills
Ø  Three students of III B.Sc (M.P.CS) students participated in a painting compitation conducted by Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada on 5th July 2013
Ø  A seminar on RTI for II B.Sc (M.P.C) and II B.Sc (M.P.CS) students on 12th July 2013
Ø  A talk on “The Surprising Insights Of Science- the Unknowable and the Counter intuitive” by Dr.Aleksandar I.Zecevic, Prf of Electrical Engineering and Associate Dean, Santa Clara University, U. S .A   19th July 2013.

Dr.Aleksandar I.Zecevic, Santa Clara University, U.S.A

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