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UGC sponsored National youth forum on Green energy solutions - 2009

Our Staff Team

            From left: 
           3.Dr.G.Little Flower 
           5.Mrs.P.Padma Latha 
           6.Mrs.T.Grace Eunice
           7.Mrs.R.Sara Kumari                            
           8.Mrs.P.Hima Bindu 

Green Energy initiatives of Maris Stella College Gems 2009
The existing problems related to some of the most extreme environmental issues “Life or death?” are becoming very crucial.  As the ecological crisis nears the boiling point, the powerful source of hope is the explosion of interest in all things “green” that preserve our environment. We have to demonstrate incredible ambition and innovation in adopting clean, renewable technologies to solve our daily energy challenges and promote a Golden Age of energy balance and ecological harmony.  Maris Stella, known for renowned Eco-friendly College, has a pivotal role to play in bringing about a critical awareness on these Eco issues and take up action oriented programs to reverse the existing trend.
Global climate week
The physics department and NSS units I & II observed “Global climate week” from 19th to 26th September, 2009. Our principal Sr.Jepamalai and the NSS co-ordinator Dr.Ramakrishna addressed our students about “climate change and its impact on life”
Awareness rally
As part of ‘global climate week’ program, we took up awareness rally on 24.09.09 and campaigned for “Go green” and help the “globe become green”. The rally sensitized the people about the need to realize the importance of “Save our earth today to survive tomorrow!”

Plantation of saplings

Our students participated in tree plantation programme at currency Nagar, Vijayawada on 26.09.09. These are the efforts from our side in creating awareness among youth about environmental concerns, and solutions. 

UGC, DAE – BRNS & CSIR Sponsored National youth forum on 
“Green Energy Solutions meeting Global Concerns” 
19th & 20th, November, 2009.
                                Green Energy initiatives of Maris Stella College Gems 2009
National youth forum
As part of the global response to a future golden age of energy balance and ecological harmony, the physics and chemistry departments of Maris stella college, Vijayawada organized a UGC, DAE – BRNS & CSIR Sponsored National youth forum on “Green Energy Solutions meeting Global Concerns” on 19th & 20th, November, 2009.
Gems 2009 aimed at
  • Innovations to generate clean and green energy to help the globe go green
  • Creation of awareness about core issues of  energy crisis,clean energy and sustainable development
  • Develop a better understanding of renewable energy sources and the benefits of using it
  • Attract the youth  to pursue research in green energy
The focus of the seminar is on Green energy from the following areas:
  •          Photovoltaic and it's cost effective measures
  •      Wind energy - the big promise
  •          Nano Science and it's impact on green globe
  •       Energy from bio fuels
  •           New materials for energy management
  •           Redefining Hydro Power
  •       Nuclear energy and safe globe
  •       Green chemistry
  •           Liquid crystals for cool earth
  •       Initiatives in talent creation towards green energy
The aim of this National youth forum was to become a global cooperative platform in the search for solutions to the pressing issues of energy security, climate change and the development of human expertise in sustainability. The coupling of Nation’s growth and youth was thus clear. Our greatest responsibility therefore was to involve everyone especially the youth in the effort to find green energy solutions for a clean and safe globe. This national youth forum witnessed an excellent integration of youth and scientists. Eminent persons were invited from various states like Mumbai, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh of India who addressed the forum. There were 45 male lecturers and 34 female lecturers who voiced their views about green energy needs and efficient management of existing energy sources.
            We got 9 talks on solar energy, 9 talks on bio-fuels, 3 talks on wind energy, 3 talks on energy from ocean water, 2 talks on nuclear energy, 12 talks on contribution of new materials for green energy generation and 10 talks on green chemistry, light and various environmental polutions. All presentations were well received and discussions with the potential paper presenters took place following each presentation.  Leading researches taken up in green energy fields were also highlighted by Ph.d scholars / graduates during the presentation.  This was the first time that departments of Physics and Chemistry had welcomed so many leading sponsors & exhibitors to the forum. This forum had shown the close collaboration among scientists, students and delegates across Andhra Pradesh state.  More than 250 delegates had gathered at Maris Stella to take part in National youth conference and gone through the accompanied exhibition organized by the NEDCAP organization who exhibited their products that are used to generate green energy.  Right up to the very last minute, the auditorium was full of potential partners from science and life science and research institutes. A crowd of interested participants continually surrounded the exhibits during each break. This seminar thus, helped the youth to discover new possibilities for study that may lead to promising careers in green energy fields. Our highest priority was to convert this national youth forum as educational, productive and informative. The insights we received from GEMS 2009 would help us to support this essential work for generations to come.
More than ever, green energy is the responsibility of all mankind. We are deeply grateful to the organizations UGC, DAE-BRNS and CSIR for extending financial assistance for the conduct of this National youth forum on “Green energy solutions meeting global concerns” organized on 19th and 20th November, 2009 at Maris Stella college, Vijayawada. This forum was informative and provided true educational experience. The tremendous positive feedback we received from the participants has inspired us. We will continue to build upon the foundation of success set in this National Youth forum. We look forward with enthusiasm and excitement to collaborate with UGC, DAE and CSIR in organizing such events in future and work for its success!
We profusely thank Maris Stella management for all its encouragement and support towards the conduction of this seminar.  We also thank all the resource persons, delegates, paper presenters and participants for their valuable contributions towards this national youth forum. We are honored to have met them all and deeply indebted for their invaluable views on green energy shared in this forum. We acknowledge our appreciation to the team effort taken out by both departments of Physics and Chemistry and remain grateful for the constructive support rendered towards the success of the seminar. We admire the support extended by the administrative staff of Maris Stella College. We thank everyone who encouraged and supported us to make this seminar a success. We assure  that our participation and future actions in the field of green energy will certainly make a difference.

       Dr.G.Little flower                                                          
       Organizing secretary,                                                                        
       Maris Stella College,
                                                                      A brief Report
 Session I: Inaugural session
It was inaugurated at 10.00 a.m. Sr. Japamalai, Principal and convener of the youth forum welcomed the gathering and explained the dynamics of the forum. Prof.M.K.Durga Prasad, Vice Chancellor, Krishna University, Machilipatnam gave inaugural address and released the souvenir. Prof. A. Jagadeesh, Director, Nayudamma Centre for alternatives, Nellore, A.P & Head, Centre for Energy and sustainable resources, R.M.K, Engineering college, Kavaraipettai, Tamilnadu gave the keynote address on the topic “Green Energy Technologies for sustainable growth“. All the other guests’ appreciated the efforts taken towards organizing this youth forum in enlightening the youth about the present green energy needs and the importance of evolving green energy technologies.

  Session II
1. “The Role of Electrolytes in Green Energy Generation and Storage Technologies” - Pratyay Basak, Ramanujan Fellow, Nanomaterials Laboratory, Inorganic and Pysical Chemistry Division, IICT, Hyderabad.
2. “Green and Nano Chemical Approach for the Design & Development of Polymeric/Organic Coatings: Balancing Energy, Function and Performance” -Dr.Ramanuj Narayan, Organic coatings and polymers, IICT, Hyderabad
Session III
1. “Challenges and Opportunities for Materials Science in context of Green Energy Solutions” - Dr. Sunkara V Manorama, Scientist from Nanomaterials Laboratory, IICT Hyderabad.
2. “A Survey on Environment-Friendly Glasses” - Prof. Veeraiah, Head of P.G dept. of Physics, ANU, Nuzvid campus.
3. “Solar air heaters and their role in drying of farm products” –
Dr. M. Sivaraman, Reader in  Physics,Gandhigram Rural  Institute –Deemed University,Gandhigram.
4.How to spark innovation and creativity?” -Dr.A.Jagadeesh, Head of Centre for Energy and Sustainable Resources, RMK Engineering College, Kavaraipettai- 601 206. Tamil Nadu.
Session IV: Oral presentations
Session V  (20.11.2010)
1.      “Green Energy Solutions for Sustainable Development”  -
  Dr A. Jagadeesh,Head, Centre for Energy and Sustainable Resources, RMK Engineering College, Kavaraipettai, Tamil Nadu.
           2. “Photovoltaics and Lean Power Lighting” -
Dr.G.Muralidharan from Gandhigram Rural Institute – Deemed University, Gandhigram, Tamilnadu.
Session VI
            3. “Nuclear Energy and the Safe Globe” - V.Ramakrishna, HPU, PRP, BARC Facilities, Kalpakkam, Kanchipuram dist,  Tamilnadu.
            4.    “Photonic crystals for Controlling, Confining and Conversion of Light” -   
B.V.R. Tata, Light Scattering Studies Section, Condensed Matter Physics Division,Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam , Tamilnadu
 Session VII
5. “Promoting green villages” - C.B.Jagadeeswara Reddy, District Manager, Non-Conventional Energy Development Corp., Of AP (NEDCAP), Chitoor.
 6. “Energy for everybody - Strategies and Policies” - Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai.
His talk was followed by oral presentations. 
Session VIII: Valedictory Session
            Chancellor of Vignan University Dr.L.Rathaiah honoured the closing session and award of certificate ceremony.  Dr. L Rathiah in his valedictory address stressed the usage of low carbon emission fuels thereby helping in lowering the adverse effects of climate change. He said that our greatest responsibility therefore was to involve everyone especially the youth in the effort to find green energy solutions for a clean and safe globe.  He encouraged the youth to pursue research in green energy technologies. He said that if professionals in alternative energy fields take young students after or during their graduation as assistants or apprentices, or trainees, youth would be interested in pursuing higher studies in those areas. He envisioned more career opportunities in green energy fields. Prof.B.V.R.Tata, Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan and Dr.Theresiamma registered their strong messages on green energy in the national youth forum. Through this National youth forum Maris Stella College became a part of WAVE (women as the voice for environment) and insisted that women could play a pivotal role in spreading awareness about the global concerns.  Thus, the two day national youth forum came to an end successfully.


I don't know how to thank you and your colleagues adequately for the excellent hospitality extended to me during the Green Technologies Conference.
 It was well organised eventhough you are all new to the job. 
Your students were quite receptive when I addressed them on CREATIVITY.
 I always love to kindle among the young the spirit of Creativity, Innovation and Invention.
 I assure you that I will go all out to help your Faculty to apply for Projects.
Again three cheers to you all for the successful culmination of this important event.
 PLEASE CONVEY MY BEST REGARDS TO YOUR PRINCIPAL,HOD's,FACULTY and all others associated with the event.
 With my best regards,
Yours sincerely,
2/210 First Floor
NELLORE- 524 002
Andhra Pradesh

* * * * *

your arrangements were nice and program was conducted according to the programme schedule. This has been one of the most powerful, informative symposiums I have ever been to. It was worthy of my 3 hours of travel from Guntur to Vijayawada. Thank you so much sponsors and supporters for such a great excellence and commitment to a green community.   

with regards,
Lecturer in physics, CIET, lam, Guntur.
* *  * * * * * *

ThanQ verymuch.
 The seminar was excellent. There was absolutely no any inconvenience to me as far as the seminar is concerned. all the arrangements for presentation, seminar hall , food and stay etc... were very good.  It is very difficult to conduct and coordinate such a mega event so successfully and also keep smiling through out. I was really feeling wonderful for the positive attitude through out the duration that you and your team were maintaining.
 The only suggestion I can give is motivate the children to get maximum benifit out of such events and freely interact with presenters. The behaviour of the children was excellent through out the period as they were continuously at the receiving end and patiently listening and even some were even noting down the things eagerly.
 As I promised when I come next time there, I will make a visit and enlighten some general knowledge aspects in the day to day activities related to natural radiation background etc... which are required for everybody in the society which i could not cover in my talk due to lack of time.
 With best regards,
V.Ramakrishna , B.S.K.Nair,
HPU, PRP, BARC Facilities,
Kalpakkam, Kanchipuram distTamilnadu.
* *  * * * * * *
Congrats for the grand success of National Seminar conducted by your college. It was well planned and excellent endeavour.  I  personally felt  warmth in the  hospitality of your college.
Thank You
Venkateswararao boyapatti
Department of Chemistry
Andhra Loyola College,
*  * * * * * *

It was a pleasant stay at Vijayawada and an enriching experience attending the National Youth forum.  Thank you for giving such a nice opportunity.  For me, it was a rejuvenating period in which I gained a lot.  There was no any moment at which we felt any inconveniences both in your arrangements of the program and your hospitality.  Please convey my kind regards to your faculty members and other friends.
Thank You.
With regards,
Department of Physics,
 Gandhigram Rural Institute – Deemed University,  Gandhigram 624 302
* * * * * *
The national youth forum's success was an evidence to energy conservation and energy creation concerns for the higher education. I attended the forum on both days, and found the event to be informative, energetic, well-planned and well-attended. We met many people in the renewable energy field with whom we will be in contact to discuss opportunities to work together on sustainable development projects. We also very much enjoyed the enthusiastic reception that we found at the conference. We received  the overall green message of the conference.
With regards,
Sukanya Sowrabha,
Lecturer in Chemistry,
S.D.M.S. Mahilakalasala,
* * * * * * * * *

 Thank you and your team for a most informative and productive event at the Green conference last weekend. Your staff demonstrated a high quality to satisfy the participants. The arrangements were fantastic and successful. The memories will go a long way.
With best wishes,
Fakrudin Shaik
Lecturer in Physics,
                                    * * * * * * *
We reached back safely and thanks a lot for all the trouble you have taken to make our stay memorable.
 Dr.Sunkara V Manorama
Scientist EII, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology [IICT]
 Tarnaka, Hyderabad-607, INDIA
* * * * * *
            As an educator, it was wonderful to witness the youth taking notes at every session. The conference had a collection of environmental organizations, researchers, scientists, educators and students. Two days participation at the National youth forum on green energy solutions was a fantastic experience for me.
With best wishes
*Sandhya Cole
of Physics
Acharya Nagarjuna University
Guntur-522 510,A.P.

Welcome address by Sr.Japamalai
                 Chief guest address: Prof.M.K.Durga Prasad, Vice Chancellor, Krishna University 
Keynote address: Prof. A. Jagadeesh, Director, Nayudamma Centre for alternatives, Nellore
                                                          Release of souvenir

      Guests on the dais                                                  
Address by Dr.Manorama, IICT, Hyd.
              Felicitation of Prof.Durga Prasad ,the Vice chancellor of Krishna U’sity,  Machillipatnam                                                                              

Audience at Inaugural function

Dr. Pratyay Basak, Pratyay Basak, Ramanujan Fellow, Nanomaterials Laboratory, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Division, IICT, Hyderabad 
Dr.Sunkara V Manorama, Scientist from Nanomaterials Laboratory, IICT Hyderabad 
Dr.Ramanuj Narayan, Organic coatings and polymers, IICT, Hyderabad 
Prof.N.Veeraiah, Head of P.G dept. of Physics, ANU, Nuzvid campus
      Prof.M.Sivaraman, Reader in  Physics,Gandhigram Rural  Institute –Deemed University,Gandhigram , TN                                                         
 Prof.G.Muralidharan, Reader in  Physics,Gandhigram Rural  Institute –Deemed University,Gandhigram , TN 
               Prof. B.V.R.Tata, Light Scattering Studies Section, Condensed Matter Physics Division,Indira Gandhi                                                      Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam , Tamilnadu                                                            
 Dr.V.Ramakrishna, HPU, PRP, BARC Facilities, Kalpakkam, Kanchipuram dist, Tamilnadu  
 Dr.Anumakonda Jagadeesh, Dr.A.Jagadeesh,  Head of Centre for Energy and Sustainable Resources, RMK Engineering College, Kavaraipettai                                           
Dr.C.B.J.Reddy, District Manager, Non-Conventional Energy Development Corp., Of AP (NEDCAP), Chitoor
A talk on Creativity at the audio visual room by Dr.Anumakonda Jagadeesh


An Exhibition of green technology products



Guests on the dais at Valedictory function                  
Chief guest Dr.Rathaiah, Chancellor of Vignan Deemed U’sity, Guntur 
Presentation of memento to Dr. L. Rathaiah
Prof.B.V.R.Tata, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu 
Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan, IGIDR, Mumbai
Rev.Dr. Sr. Theresiamma,  Former Principal, Maris Stella College, Vijayawada
C.B.Jagadeeswara Reddy, District Manager, Non-Conventional Energy Development Corp., Of AP (NEDCAP), Chitoor


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