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Our Staff team

From left:  1. Mrs.M.Nalini 
                    2. Mrs.A.Kasturi 
                              3. Mrs.G.Little Flower 
                  4. Mrs.D.Rohini
                                                                              5. Mrs.P.Padma Latha 
                                                                              6.Mrs.T.Grace Eunice 
                                                                              7.Mrs.R.Sara kumari                            
                                                                              8.Mrs.P.Hima Bindu  

                                                  Departmental Activities: 2010-2011
  1. A guest lecture on “Higher Education and career Opportunities In Europe” by Mr.Adarsh, London Software Engineer was organized on 20th July’10 at audio visual room. In his talk, he informed that students wish to do higher education abroad, will get plenty of opportunities in latest research areas and wonderful career opportunities. He compared the examination systems in India with Europe and mentioned that here in India students stud for examinations and not with the interest to know about the subject. He advised students to learn beyond the curriculum and should be well informed about the latest developments regarding the subject and in general. He also informed that higher education for girls is free in some of the Europe countries.
         2.  The Department of Physics of Mans Stella College has organized a one day Inter Collegiate Physics Students Meet on 3rd Sept 2010 at 9.30 a.m. in the College Auditorium. Mr. V.L.N.Sridhar Raja, Scientist from the Laboratory for Electro-optics Systems (LEOS), ISRO, Bangalore, addressed the gathering on the topic “Chandrayan 1 & 2 and other activities of ISRO”. He is one of the team members in the development of Lunar Laser Range Instrument (LLRI) flown in Chandrayan- 1 mission. He is also the team leader for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscope (LIBS) instrument that is accepted for mission Chandrayan- 2 for its Rover. Also he has been chosen for Chandrayan- 1 team award.
His talk mainly focused on the India’s maiden moon mission Chandrayan- 1 and he briefed about other areas of work of ISRO like telemedicine, teleeducation and disaster management to the student fraternity. He showed videos of Satellite voyage to the moon and important photographs taken by Chandrayan 1 Satellite through which the presence of water in the moon was confirmed for the first time and accepted by the scientific community. He expressed that Chandrayan 1 effort, was appreciated and raised the eyebrows of global scientific community and proved that Indians could also be the source of space knowledge. He concluded his talk by saying to taste the sweetness of success, one must be prepared to taste the bitterness of hardwork and insisted students to explore their potentials and become great in serving our country in order to envisage developed India.

Sri. V.L.N.Sridhar Raja, Scientist,  Electro-optics Systems (LEOS), ISRO, Bangalore

Sri. V.L.N.Sridhar Raja, Scientist with Press
                His talk was followed by Inter Collegiate Students Paper Presentations on the topic “Thrust areas in Physics”. Many students participated, presented papers and won prizes. The department also organized an Inter Collegiate Quiz in Physics in the afternoon. After screening finals were conducted for six teams. Quiz was followed by poster presentation on “global warming”. This session was followed by events like, ‘one minute talk’, extempore, quiz on general awareness, group games etc. Thus this one day programme provided a platform for students from various colleges to interact, share their ideas and motivate their talents.

Inter Collegiate Students Paper Presentations on
“Thrust areas in Physics” 

Intercollegiate Quiz 

Poster Presentations - Screening

      Games and Cultural events

Prize Winners:
      Paper Presentations:
Prize  - Name - Title of the paper
First  -Wilson Rosanio  -Nuclear Energy
Second - N.sruthi - Photonics
Second- Metcy Varghese- Nanotechnology
    Poster Presentations:
             First  -Sk.Abida Taslim  -Global Warming
             Second - Sr.Chinamma  - Global Warming
            Third  -Shagufta Fatima –Global Warming
    One Minute Talk:   
            First -Wilson Rosario -Impact of TV on Youth
           Second -Harsha Vardhan -Impact of TV on Youth
           First -Wilson Rosario - Co-education
           Second- Neelima - Co-education
          Third -Sudha Rani -Co-education
          First -Andhra Loyola college -Vijayawada.
          Second- Siddhartha Mahila Kalasala-Vijayawada.

Ø Staff  Activities  for the Year  2010-11
1. Dr G. Little flower acted as the resource person and delivered a talk on “Particle Physics and the puzzling universe” at P.B siddhartha arts college vijayawada on 27th Nov 2010.
2. Dr G. Little flower acted as a  member of Board of studies meeting of P.B siddhartha arts college, vijayawada on 23rd Mar 2011.
Ø Any other important events
Mrs D. Rohini retired rendering her valuable services as a lecturer and also as          Addl. Controller of Examinations. 

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